Poetry Language and Forms – An Uplifting and Educational Journey For Relaxation of the Soul

Tree Good is an excellent poetess who demonstrates her leadership in this arena through her book The Language of Poetry Forms. The book is divided into three areas as follows: The first starts with poetry idioms and meanings, the second covers poetry forms with examples, and the third ends with a funny section on riddles about poetry. The poetic platform in this book allows anyone to gain a basic comprehension of poetry forms while reading. The various poetic illustrations will enlighten the reader, and the section with riddles should enforce the writing principles of poetry for anyone reading this book.

The illustrations of the many types and styles of poems in this book present a profound knowledge and admiration of her poetic artistry. Good is like an excellent literary physician who translates difficult concepts of autonomic and physiological poetic formulas into common and understandable language. Her writing style comes across in a clear manner so an average person seeking poetic knowledge can readily comprehend it with no problem. She writes the book with clarity and brevity. Additionally, she lists her poems throughout the book in an alphabetical order which is easily followed.

Good has several poems in the book regarding the following subject areas: love for each other, musical appreciation, seasons of the year, family relationships, and common issues regarding life. The riddle section of the book is an easy challenge for the reader’s knowledge and wits, and it comes across in a humorous manner. This section is funny and entertaining. It is also enlightening to a person’s sensibility and should make the reader laugh out loud. Her book is wonderful and comes highly recommended. It’s definitely a book to keep close at hand as a future reference to live by when writing poetry.

Finally, this is a wonderful poetic text to study. The knowledge and experience developed by Good over the years from being an active participant in the poetry arena is unquestionable. Her skill level is on the cutting edge of poetry as an educator. Any individual who reads and enjoys her writings will truly know about the essence and the art of poetry. Her writings should be easier to comprehend, than actually being a student in a poetry classroom, because she breaks the poetry forms down in simple terms for ease of understanding.

Assessing Therapies Through Interaction and Education

Traditional cognitive behavior therapeutic studies help to identify issues that cause psychological stress and challenging behaviors. Cognitive behavior therapy also teaches the person how to solve problems through goal-oriented activities or systematic procedures. Functional assessment collects functional assessment information and identifies the hypothesis or hypotheses maintaining problem behavior. The information will confirm that the hypothesis or hypotheses are correct then a summary will be developed based on the functional assessment findings. There are a number of different tools used to assess social skills, physiological setting events, quality of life, and other important areas of an individual’s life that can be used in a functional assessment. In the mental health field, research, and statistical significance cannot be explained by chance alone. Therefore, statistical significance and assessment is important in examining cognitive therapies.

Therapy through interaction teaches individuals how to communicate, improve decision-making skills and improve attention span. It also facilitates communication and socialization among staff and individuals. Communicative development varies with individuals because of functioning ability. Communication tools increase the ability to initiate, anticipate, engage, and interact. At times, a person can have difficulty using objects based on joint attention, difficulty in interpretation, and motivation.

Therapy through education is an intervention that investigates, defines, and addresses an individual’s pattern of learning strengths and deficiencies. Therapy goals include restoring self-esteem; improving the learning process, developing learning strategies, and helping the person feel comfortable in his or her learning environment. Processing is the way we think and learn. We have strengths and weaknesses concerning learning. We learn by taking in information through our five senses. Some people learn better by watching, and some people learn better by listening which refers to visual and auditory processing. Attention and memory are also a part of processing. As attention deficits are more accurately and more frequently diagnosed, their effects on learning are also more specifically identified. Attention deficits make a student less available for learning. This means that the person may not be paying attention and missing a good portion of any lesson in the classroom. The purpose of education therapy will be to train individuals on how to improve their money management skills, independent living skills, and cognitive awareness.

When an individual can learn or improve on a new skill, he or she will feel a sense of accomplishment. Assessing these skills will assist the individual in improving in problem or weaker areas. Furthermore, the accomplishment will improve self-esteem, which may stabilize moods and alleviate challenging behaviors. The development educational through interaction is very important to everyone’s lives. Learning new ways to develop skills will give individuals better opportunities to become independent and integrate into society.

Colleges and Education: Are Students Really Being Educated?

My associates in the financial service industry acknowledge that college graduates from United States universities are generally unprepared for entry-level professional positions. They have particularly noticed a drop in basic skills. Students who were once hired from accredited second-tier universities can no longer be relied upon to meet even minimal standards in many professional entry-level positions. (Note: I refer to top-tier as only one to two dozen colleges across the nation. These are Ivies and several select colleges such as MIT and Johns Hopkins.)

A business executive may hire a graduate from what he believes is a top-performing business school that also boasts a nationally ranked football team into a marketing or customer service assignment. (Colleges that sport nationally ranked teams are characteristic of second-tier schools.) He must spend valuable time coaching and monitoring the new employee as the graduate lacks the most basic core skills. But executives today just do not have the time to do this in a time-stressed high-pressured corporate environment.

Managers are shocked by poor writing and language skills of recent graduates.

The situation is far worse than you might imagine. The results of my interviews with business people in many corporations conclude that students cannot function effectively in their chosen fields of study. Also, they often are severely deficient in written language and reasoning skills required to make incisive judgments and decisions. The standards have sunk so low that many students from second-tier universities cannot write a paragraph without making a major spelling or grammatical mistake.

Yet the universities continue to accept the students in far greater numbers than in past decades, and offer little effective remedial help for students in need. And what is most distressing is that, as a result of grade inflation, almost every student can graduate from an accredited college today while receiving little or no help from their universities to rectify severe learning problems.

Professors have little experience in their field and have no incentive to teach effectively.

Full-time professors have their PhD but little real-life experience in their field of study. Consequently, at the end of four years, students have little acquired knowledge and cannot think critically in their chosen career field. Professors, especially those who have tenure and are almost impossible to relieve, show little concern with their own job performance and have relatively little incentive to instruct to high standards.

It’s a fact!

You don’t have to take my word alone for any of this. In one of the few honest and broad-based surveys of businesses conducted by an academic association, the Association of American Colleges and Universities in January of 2007 disclosed that two-thirds of the employers surveyed said that college graduates lack the skills to succeed in today’s economic environment. In fact, more than 70 percent said colleges just weren’t doing the job of emphasizing critical and analytical reasoning as well as creativity and innovation. These are just the things that colleges hang their hats on when trumpeting the value of a college education. Think of how really bad this is.

If the education is so bad, who can we hire?

So what can an executive do? She will hire only from top-tier schools that recruit their incoming freshmen from the very top of their high school classes. If her field is highly specialized, she may even go outside the country and recruit students from Asia, India or Argentina (hotbeds of Information Technology) where professors have experience in their fields. The students from these schools will have the knowledge, the tenacity, and, hopefully, the appetite to get the job done professionally.

With few job prospects, most graduates are coming out of college with nothing to show for their four years. They don’t even receive an education.

The Key to Choosing Vegetarian Recipes

Now becoming the vegetarian is lifestyle. No wonder that more and more people are becoming vegetarian. They choose vegetarian recipes for many reasons: social or religious beliefs, health concerns, availability, and taste. However, some people consider that choosing recipes for vegetarian is not easy and delicious.

Based on the fact, you can find good recipes for vegetarian in many locations. Just search online, in cookbooks, or at local health food stores for ideas. However, to get the right amount of nutrition for every vegetarian recipe, you should carefully plan your meal.

Here are some of the guidelines that the ADA (American Dietetic Association) has released:

1. Choose a variety of foods.
2. Avoid processed foods.
3. Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits.
4. Buy only low-fat or no fat variants of eggs and dairy products.
5. Make sure to include Vitamin B-12 and vitamin D in your meal

Related to the guidelines, recipes for vegetarian are defined as using no meat or meat products, while a vegan recipe would use no animal products at all, including milk, cheese, or eggs. The key to choose a vegetarian dish is to choose depending on which level of your vegetarianism.

The vegetarian diet commonly includes green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, root crops, and whole grains. Salads and vegetable dishes are staples in any vegetarian diet. However, there are numerous healthy recipes for vegetarian, such as rice and beans, bean-vegetable chili served with tortillas, baked beans and corn bread, hummus, cheese rolled in chopped nuts, bread sticks with sesame seeds, macaroni and cheese, and split pea soup.

Quality is crucial for vegetarian recipes. So, do not be afraid to experiment by using your favorite fruits and vegetables as substitutes in different dishes.

Caribbean Vegetarian Recipes

So, the idea of like a vegetarian appears attractive to you but you are somewhat overcome. Are you currently presently racking your brains on just how to be a vegetarian? If you wish to change but aren’t prepared to quit meat cold chicken, try progressively shifting.

Begin by getting rid of only one type of meat out of your diet (like beef). Then, before extended, drop another. And, throughout this method, begin integrating vegetarian foods for the schedule. Begin progressively, possess a couple vegetarian foods every week. Before extended, increase the amount of vegetarian foods until all meat is progressively removed the foods you eat.

Almost everyone has favorite dishes that could be easily transformed into meatless versions. These may be homemade foods or menu products inside the restaurant for example spaghetti with marinara sauce, vegetable lo mein, and bean burrito. Also, if you would like vegetable lasagne, stir-fried veggies, or pasta primavera, you can start your transition by thinking about making these foods more frequently. In addition, find high quality vegetarian prepare books to discover with to actually will keep a delicacy interesting acquiring a few exciting meatless dishes.

You’ve considered your options carefully, examined professionals together with the disadvantages, and made a decision the vegetarian lifestyle meets your needs. But where is it possible to start to make the modifications? Is it possible to go ‘cold chicken?’ Is it possible to adopt a much more gradual approach to shifting to vegetarianism? However you choose to make change, you can begin to possess health improvements of vegetarianism by substantially reducing on the amount of meat consumed, and making vegetables, fruits, beans, and bread toasted items the primary concentrate the meals.

Choose whole-grain products like whole wheat grains grains grains grains bread and flour, instead of refined or white-colored grains. Eat numerous foods, and book vegetables, fruits, grains, breads, nuts, or seed items you have not attempted before. Experiment and explore! You may uncover a completely new favorite or two, and learn brand-new techniques to boost classical vegetarian dishes. Many vegetarian foods can be found in any supermarket. Niche food stores may have many within the more uncommon items, additionally to several vegetarian convenience foods. When searching for food, plan ahead of time, shop acquiring an inventory and focused food labels. And if you select to consume milk items, choose non-body fat types, and limit your egg intake to 3-4 yolks every week.

As being a vegetarian is frequently as easy as you choose to ensure it’s. Whether you’ll need planning delectable, tasty meals or choose quick and easy ones, vegetarian meals can be very satisfying. When you are getting within the thought of keeping the following available, meal preparation time will complete easy: -Ready-to-eat, whole-grain whole wheat grains grains grains toast items, and quick-cooking whole-grain cereal items for instance oatmeal, whole-grain breads and crackers, for instance rye, whole wheat grains grains grains grains, and mixed grain together with other grains for instance barley and bulgur wheat

– Canned beans, for instance pinto, black beans, and garbanzo beans

– Grain (including brown, wild, etc.) and pasta (presently available entirely wheat, eco-friendly green spinach, together with other tastes) with tomato sauce and canned beans and/or chopped veggies

– Vegetarian sauces like lentil, navy bean, or minestrone

– Numerous plain frozen vegetables, and canned and frozen fruit

– Prepared soymilks and soy cheeses, if you choose to not eat dairy

– Numerous fruits and vegetables, which medicine core connected acquiring an eating plan system

In case you comprehend the simplest approach to test foods and uncover a meatless diet do not have to lack variety, you’ll find your decision for vegetarianism wasn’t only wise, but fun and simple come a delicacy

Educational Toys As Baby Gifts – Finding Unique and Educational Baby Gifts

Often when one thinks about educational toys, the first things to come to mind are toys or videos designed for certain skills, such as learning numbers or the alphabet. These can be video sets like Baby Einstein or flashcards with pictures of animals, numbers, or letters colorfully displayed on the cards. While many of these items are ideal for a toddler or even some preschool-age children, many of them are too advanced for a baby. If you’re looking to give your baby – or a baby you’re buying a shower present for – a head start, some educational toys are available. But, especially for children under one year, educational toys are referred to as “stimulation toys” or “infant stimulation.”

Infant stimulation toys are designed to stimulate the five senses, or, at this point, sight, touch, and hearing. As a baby has unfocused vision and hearing and is unable to use its fingers, these toys are designed to help a baby use these senses. For example, many baby toys and crib items are designed in black, white, and red – both solid colors and patterns – as the sharply contrasting colors are more visible to a baby’s eyes than primary colors. Objects like a mobile, a play mat, rattles, and even the edge of a baby crib mirror are designed with this color combination to enhance and “stimulate” a baby’s vision. These objects, in addition, are coupled with hearing features, such as music or sounds that come out when a baby touches it. To enhance touch, even when a baby can’t fully use its hands, a play mat or any other crib objects may be made of different textures or sounds, such as crinkling or jingling, that a baby can make when lying down on or rolling on a play mat or touching a stuffed animal.

As soon as a baby is capable of using its fingers to some degree, toys now have touching, grasping, and holding purposes and this extends past infancy through toddler stages. Only, for toddlers, toys start to have pretend and creative purposes to help a child start emulating the behavior of adults, which, as he or she becomes more aware of the world surrounding, he or she wants to imitate.

How To Chose Vegetarian Recipes

Whether you are an experienced chef or someone who has never put together a suitable menu for eating meal, think about expanding your understanding of cooking by adding vegetarian recipes. Chefs of popular restaurants and moms of hungry families will enjoy having more meals to cook, and the customers and children who eat the food will be overjoyed as well.

Perusing vegetarian recipes is great, even it it’s simply just to add some yummy treats to the kitchen with something new. No cook likes to get fed up by preparing the same meals over and over. It is always fun to try new ingredients or methods of making the foods you love and it can be just as fun to try out various dishes with vegetarian recipes you have never tried before.

Amazing vegetarian recipes can be found in many places. Search online, in cookbooks, or at local health food stores for ideas. If you have friends that have been cooking great dishes try exchanging vegetarian recipes with them. Sometimes restaurants will even share vegetarian recipes with their customers for little or no charge.

Paying a visit into a local health food store is a great way to obtain all of the ingredients and spices you will need to begin cooking vegetarian recipes to perfection. Workers at these stores are often knowledgeable with the resources they have and you can learn a lot from them.

Including vegetarian recipes into any diet will bring variety and give healthy eating options. Many studies suggest that switching just some of your weekly diet to vegetarian recipes can be of great assistance to your health. Let your taste buds enjoy new things that are good for your body. Vegetarian recipes will often include many of the vitamins, minerals, and sources of nutrition that every body needs. Instead of meat, vegetarian recipes are filled with healthy protein substitutes so that you do not miss out on things you need.
Take a look at your health and at the foods you’ve been eating. By substituting a few vegetarian recipes into your diet can quickly improve how you feel and can be part of an overall health plan that will improve your life. Since few things are as important as leading a healthy life, take your time into finding and checking out new and better ways to eat.
Vegetarian recipes are just one of many things that you can consider. And contrary to popular belief, vegetarian recipes are full of the taste and enjoyment of many other foods you eat. The biggest difference is that they are much better for you. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian cooking can be very tasty when you know how.

The old adage that vegetarian cooking was bland and tasteless is certainly not the case nowadays.

What’s With The Dog Articles? Don’t You Write About Mathematics and Education?

I am certain this question has been considered more than a few times recently by people who get automatic feeds of my articles–and possibly even by the editors here at EzineArticles. These people all know that I have been writing for over a year in the categories of mathematics, teaching, and education. These topics are near and dear to my heart, and that will always be true. I have not forsaken my initial goals. My goals have just expanded, and there will be many dog articles in the future.

Last spring I had the unfortunate experience of having all of my pets die. My 22 1/2-year-old cat died first, then my dog, and, then, in the same month my guinea pig died. It was shocking to lose them all in such a short time. I have been an animal lover all of my life and life without pets was just too lonely. So I started the very slow process of finding the perfect pets to add back into my life.

I have been a supporter of animal rescue for 25 years, so I started my search with Colorado cat rescues. As I expected, my experience during the search for a new black cat was positive. I found all cat rescues to be equally interested in meeting/interviewing me as in finding loving homes for their kitties. I found the kitten I wanted and the adoption process was simple and pleasant.

Unfortunately, my experience while looking for a new dog was in NO WAY pleasant. This past summer, I received treatment from a dog rescue group that no one should ever have to experience anywhere from anyone. It made me wonder if I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person, or if this type of treatment is typical for dog rescue groups. To answer that question, I turned to the Internet and spent hour upon hour in research.

My new dog articles are about what I learned at that time and what I continue to learn as I continue my research. As with my mathematics articles, my goal is public education–this time about issues related to dogs. I found many “issues of concern” that I feel strongly the public should know–especially people who are considering dog adoption and/or donating to a rescue group.

I began my Internet search by looking into”complaints” posted about various dog rescue groups. Please understand that I am NOT referring to humane societies or similar shelters. Shelters understand the importance of adopting out dogs into loving homes as soon as possible. My concerns are with rescue groups like puppy mill rescues and specific breed rescues because these groups tend to be too protective of the animals they have rescued–to the point of making adoption difficult. The more I studied about different rescue groups, the more shocked I became at what I found. Not only was I NOT alone in the way I was treated…what had happened to me and the unethical practices I had observed and experienced were far too common across the country.

My research led me to many aspects of dog adoption–puppy mills, dog rescue groups, animal shelters, kill versus no kill philosophy, 501(c)(3) and non-profit status, legal requirements, ethics issues, financial issues, Internet puppy scams, and so on. The first time I found myself saying, “the public doesn’t know about this,” I knew I had a new mission–a new set of goals related to animal welfare.

Just FYI, this first realization came with my research into the Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals. I know that the majority of Americans believe that these two large organizations are umbrella groups that are directly connected to our local shelters, and that these large groups help fund the local shelters. Unfortunately, this idea is so WRONG! Our local shelters receive zero, none, nada, NO financial support from these big name groups as we have always been led to believe.

My research into these dog-related areas is ongoing and leads me deeper into surprisingly complex, intertwining issues. I find myself frequently thinking, “the public doesn’t know this.” So my initial goal became one of public education about misunderstood facts.

My second goal became to caution the public about financial issues. I witnessed behaviors that were unethical, I was informed by other people of situations where the rescue group failed to give financial information that is required with a non-profit status, and the internet is filled of stories of groups making certain claims that former volunteers verify are untrue. These are not groups worthy of donations.

In the very short time span of six months, I have become quite knowledgeable about dog rescue groups, puppy mills, Internet adoption scams, and much more. My math followers know how seriously I take the responsibility to inform with facts. I promise to bring this same attitude to this new category. I will never mislead you. I will always verify my information. If I state an opinion, I will present both sides of the issue. Only an informed public can make informed decisions.

Even if dog adoption or donation has not been in your mind, I urge you to follow along with my articles and my website. There are many political issues coming soon that will impact the Internet sale of animals, and other issues that will change our society to a NO KILL NATION. In addition, there is a confrontation coming between animal welfare groups and animal rights groups. The next few years should be very interesting!